Case Studies

In the public sector


We helped a government economist arrive at a more accurate fiscal impact estimate of an incentivized industry. Our research provided direct spending inputs for his more complex indirect/induced economic model, and was substantially improved in both rigor and defensibility compared with the prior methodology. The end result was a “no cost” certification of $10MM per year for the related incentive program. Of our work the economist remarked, “Thank you very much for the quick turnaround. This is exactly what I’m looking for.”


We helped a grant-making agency breathe life into a moribund review and disbursement process that forced customers to endure an average queue time of 353 days. By the end of our 36 month assignment, we had reduced the queue by 79% to a respectable 74 days. Our improvements prompted one particularly enthused end-user to write, “We sure love Robert Schuller!”

In the private sector


We helped a large retail employer tackle the numerous but smaller collections matters generated by its effectively aggressive loss prevention function. Our research developed a novel yet cost-effective alternative to using their already overworked in-house counsel. Within 12 months of delivery, they had turned an expense-only budget line into a revenue activity.


We helped a regional commercial lender substantially improve its credit granting process. Our risk-assessed suggestions included changes to work forms and flows as well as training topics for sales staff. As a result, their decision response time plummeted 94% to 4 hours, the credit package rejection rate dropped 54%, while outstanding collections remained under 1.5% of monthly billings.


We helped an investor mitigate the risk stemming from her minority interest in a closely-held company. Our profile of the company’s management, operational practices, and financial position gave her a rational and realistic exit strategy. Ultimately, she liquidated her position with near-zero losses.